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Hey loves,

The morning of August 31, 2016, I decided to do the big chop and went completely natural. I was already transitioning for about six months, but I didn’t plan on cutting my hair. I was asked why by several people, and the reason is quite simple…


I was natural until I was 15, my hair texture is 4c they were very thick and full. I am tender headed and at the time, getting a relaxer in my opinion made sense because they would be easier to manage that way. The relaxer started thinning out my hair, and I was getting severe migraines. After my last relaxer in February 2016, the idea to go back natural came to mind. I missed having my full natural hair, and I thought it was time for me to embrace the beautiful hair that God blessed me with. I was doing protective styles to help with the transitioning process so that I didn’t have to cut my hair. In the summer, my church had a two weeks evangelism and the speaker brought up the hair topic, and that’s when I decided that I would stop wearing extensions and wear my natural hair out. I tried it for about a week but managing the two different hair textures was difficult. So I decided to chop the relaxed portion of my hair and go natural.

The first week was very frustrating because I didn’t know which products work for my hair and I didn’t know how to style the short hair. My friends from church were very encouraging, so I decided to be patient with it. It has been 3 months, and I’m still getting used to it. It does take a bit longer to get my hair done especially because they are so short, but so far I’m loving my hair, and I’m happy with the decision. This chapter of my life is about growth and self-love, and cutting my hair was one of the things that help me embrace my natural beauty. I am looking forward to them growing into long, healthy, and beautiful strands.

If you’re thinking of going natural or already went natural, don’t get discouraged. Your hair is beautiful, embrace and love your natural curls!

Until next time,