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Hey loves,

Recently I read this book written by James Ford; the title can be misleading, but the content has a lot of wisdom for any God fearing woman who wants to express love to her man (husband) the way that God intended. It’s a small book that can be read in less than a day. The author also wrote “When a man loves a woman,” I’m looking forward to reading that one and hopefully write a post about it as well.


The book was written around Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman. The author used biblical scriptures and stories about the women in the Bible to walk through the various ways women are to show love to their men. His writing style is blunt, direct, and authoritarian. He covered six principles in the book.

  • When a woman loves a man, she fulfills God’s design: God has equipped the woman to give her man something that he can feel physically and spiritually. According to Genesis 2:18, God instilled in the woman’s design the ability to be a natural source of protection and support for her man. She has learned skills that benefit her family and she lovingly exercises those skills.
  • When a woman loves a man, she completes and complements him: A virtuous woman is a crown on her husband’s head (Proverbs 12:4). A crown symbolizes a prize to the one who is privileged to wear it and represents the highest pinnacle of success, dignity, and excellence. Therefore a woman would behave in ways that encourage and elevate her man to be consistent with this description. Crowned with dignity and self respect, she would convey the same level of distinction to her mate by building him up in every way possible.
  • When a woman loves a man, she submits to his headship: Submission has nothing to do with superiority or inferiority, it is God’s design for orderly functioning. It’s a man primary responsibility to maintain the well-being of his family. In support of his efforts to excel in his role, a godly woman will make it a well-known fact that her allegiance to her husband is her priority. She should appreciate his masculinity and convey her commitment to making him the primary relationship in her life.
  • When a woman loves a man, she cherishes him:  A woman cherishes her man and makes him feel like a king. If a man feels like a king, it’s only because the woman he marries is his crown. A woman who crowns her man demonstrates deep affection through her behavior and attitude towards him. She cherishes him by reverencing his position and respecting her person. To be a virtuous woman, it takes the right attitude because a man needs to be the king in his castle and the crown on his head is his wife.
  • When a woman loves a man, she cares for him: It’s a virtuous woman’s connection to God that gives her the desire to care for her man. She puts her heart and soul into caring for him, and nothing pleases her more because she knows that she is pleasing God. She will be systematic in the loving care that she gives her man. Her love will not be predicted on the behavior of the man but her character. When a woman loves a man, she will be in the relationship for the long haul and her dedication will not be predicted on other people’s opinion, life circumstances, or her ambitions. She will provide comprehensive care, consistent care, and conditionless care.
  • When a woman loves a man, she covers him: God builds the woman to endure a crash against the wall of adversity. She can bend where she needs to bend and hold where she needs to. She’s aware of his character, she’s willing to correct his mistakes, and she’s committed to him. She has his back and wouldn’t allow anybody to talk bad about him nor disrespect him.

God’s principles are difficult to embrace because of the society’s norms but God’s word is the truth, God’s view, and the world’s view are in direct opposition. However,  it’s best to follow God’s standards and not society’s expectations. “We want the right to disobey God, but we don’t want God to exercise his right to withhold blessings when we exercise that particular right”. Sometimes men don’t realize what they’ve got, and if a man doesn’t treasure his good woman, someone will eagerly wait to step into his place. When you walk in the path that God has designed, you will be blessed. When a woman loves a man, she will always keep the Word of God in her heart, and remember “a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised” (Proverbs 31:30).

Until next time,