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Hey Loves,

Many of you probably heard of the five languages by Gary Chapman. I read a portion of the original book years ago but recently I decided to invest in a hard copy of the singles edition. The book was very informative, and I would recommend it to any adult who’s looking to strengthen the relationship with their loved ones.


The 5 love languages are:

  • Words are affirmation: Expressing affection through words. Within that love language, however, there are different dialects; Words of encouragement, appreciation, and praise. The manner that we choose to say things makes a different. Kind words of affirmation can enhance your relationship, while harsh words can destroy your relationships.
  • Quality time: This is my primary love language, time is valuable therefore I appreciate anyone who makes time for me. It’s expressing affection with undivided attention. The different dialects of quality time are quality conversation, listening, and activities.
  • Physical touch:  Expressing affection through physical touch.  Learning how to speak or express this love language effectively is very important because it has to be done at the appropriate time, place, and manner. Forcing physical touch where it’s uncomfortable is not an expression of love but selfishness.
  • Receiving gifts: Gifting, to the ones who speak this language, is an expression of love and affection. The emotional love that is communicated by the gift is what’s really important.
  • Acts of service: A helping hand is always welcome and expresses love. Actions are favored over words. The random acts of kindness mean a lot.

True love is selfless, the choice to love is the choice to take the initiative to do or say something that will benefit the other person. Keep in mind that what you like isn’t always what makes the other person happy; therefore it helps to know their love language. “To feel loved is to have a sense that the other person genuinely cares about your well-being”. Love can be expressed through all the languages but one always stands out more, and that one is the primary language.  Discovering the love language of the people in your life and learning how to speak it fluently can help your relationships.

Below is the link to the love language quiz, simply click on it to discover your love language.

The love language quiz!

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