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Hey Loves,

In honor of my 27th birthday tomorrow, I  thought it’d be cool to randomly share 27 facts about myself!


  1. Magdah is short for Magdalourdes, I was born and raised in Haiti
  2. I’m a Christian, Seventh Day Adventist to be exact
  3. I have one sister and three brothers
  4. I love food and enjoy cooking for other people
  5. My favorite food is pasta, but I miss the good authentic Haitian food back home
  6. My favorite beverage is water or a glass of Moscato D’asti
  7. I’m not a big fan of sweets, No chocolate, candy, cookies, or cakes, except for when aunt flow is in town (TMI)… But I like fruits
  8. I’m an introvert. I don’t like big crowds, and I’m usually quiet around new people
  9. I have a strong personality and people usually think I’m mean until they get to know me  🙂
  10. I have a big heart, and can’t hold grudges. I pray for the ones who hurt me and wish them best
  11. I don’t like rude and arrogant people
  12. I’m an old soul and enjoy the simple things in life
  13. I appreciate effort and people who make time for me
  14. I’m a sucker for genuine love, you know the real deal.. Ehhh ❤
  15. My top three favorite movies are War room, Love & Basketball and Beyond the lights… for now at least
  16. I’m very protective of the people that I care about
  17. I’m very emotional. I cry over movies, songs, commercials… you name it lol
  18. I’m very organized and it drives me crazy when people are the opposite
  19. I’m bad at keeping in touch with people and don’t like talking on the phone unless it’s someone extra special  😉
  20. I always get compliments on my smile, but I don’t like, my teeth.  I used to suck my thumb now I have an overbite and gaps, getting braces soon!
  21. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle
  22. I like sports cars… Fast and Furious got me!
  23. I don’t mind writing a blog post or a long text message, but I hate writing papers for school
  24. I enjoy reading and nourish my mind…  quotes, books, or whatever catches my interest
  25. I love music, and can stay in my room all day just listening to music
  26. I like taking pictures, Yesss to selfies lol


Until next time,