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Hey loves,

This post is random; I was just thinking about life, and a few thoughts came to mind so I wanted to share them because one of you might need to read this.


As some of you may already know, I recently a birthday and currently not in a relationship. As a female, I’m at that age where most people are expecting me to be married or be in a relationship. I’m constantly being asked, “why you still don’t have a boyfriend?” or people say things like, “you need to stop being picky, your standards are too high, your clock is ticking, and even, there’s something wrong with you.” Honestly, I think it’s ludicrous that people even think that way, and I don’t take any offense to that. Just a quick background on my love life, I was engaged two years ago and called off my wedding because I knew that’s not what God wanted for me. I never wanted to be that person who rushes into a marriage only to be unhappy and divorced after a few years.

People are willing to settle in relationships that are wrong for them so that they can say they have a significant other. Most people in our generation are not content because they want to have what they see on social media, reality shows, or around them. You need to understand that God has designed a plan just for you. He’s preparing and molding you so that you be ready to receive His blessings. His timing is always perfect, so there’s no need to rush into anything. If you ever feel pressured or discouraged, remember to trust God’s will. Perhaps you are ready, but the person that He wants for you isn’t, so He’s still working on him/her. You also have to be happy for others even tough your time hasn’t come yet, God might be putting you through a test. I am currently the single one in my circle of friends, but I still get excited whenever one of them gets engaged or married. Of course, it gets lonely at times because I’m human and want to experience that, but I also trust God and want to do things His way. I can only be happy and value where He currently has me in life.

I say all that to encourage anyone going through similar situation. You need to be patient and believe that you are serving a faithful God. He didn’t forget about you, He knows your heart and will bless you when the time is right!

Until next time,