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Hey loves,

I’m a nursing student (ABSN program) and with a new semester recently started, I wanted to share a few tips for anyone interested in getting enrolled into a nursing program.


  • Why nursing: It’s very important to know the reason why you want to pursue any career. A lot of us waste time in college because we’re not sure about what we want to do. It’s always good to choose a career path that you’re passionate about.
  • School and Location: Now that you know for sure that nursing is your career choice, your next step is to start looking for schools. It helps to know the location you would like to attend that way you can narrow down your choices.
  • Accreditation: Now that you choose your top 5 schools, go ahead and research everything about them. State or national accreditation is important. It does not mean that you will not receive a quality education or not be ineligible to sit for and pass the NCLEX examination if you attend a non-accredited school. It does imply that you will not be qualified to attend an accredited nursing school in pursuit of additional education. Therefore your nursing career might be limited.
  • Tuition: How much is school and how are you going to pay for it? Those are important questions that you should ask yourself. You have to compare tuition and fees and choose the school that seems to be more reasonable or affordable.
  • Requirements: Nursing schools require a lot of science prerequisites. Once you have your schools of choice, go over the requirements for admission to figure out which classes you should register for.
  • Stay focus: Nursing school can be very intense, and admission is very competitive. Make sure that you study and maintain a good GPA. You should always try to have more than the minimum requirement and be one of the top applicants.

Nursing is a very rewarding career. If it’s your passion to become a nurse, go for it. Hard work always pays off.

Good luck!