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Hey loves,

Hope you all have been doing well. I just took my final exams for this term and now have two weeks break until the next one starts. Based on the title y’all can already tell what this post will be about, my most challenging class in nursing school thus far.

This term that just ended was no doubt very challenging. I had several breakdowns, my stress and anxiety level was on a thousand, but I survived. I was taking med surg and research. Research was a lot of work and very time consuming, but med surg was the headache. Before starting the class, I got a lot of negative feedbacks about the instructor from other students, but I wanted to be open-minded and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, It didn’t take me a week in her class to realize that things will be much harder than anticipated.

The techniques our instructor used to teach the class wasn’t working for us students. Also, the school decided to change our midterm and final exam to Kaplan, and we have to reach a normed score to get the grade and if we get 10% lower than that score we automatically get a 0. It got scary after midterm when most students failed including my closest friend in the program. At that point, I got anxious because although I was passing, I wasn’t doing as good as I’ve done in my previous classes. For an entire week, I was very down, but the people around me lifted my spirit and that’s when I said to myself that I have to do whatever it takes to pass this class and move forward.

From that point on, I started using different methods to learn the concepts. I spent a lot of time studying at the library, barely slept and dedicated all my time to the class. The day of the final exam I had major anxiety because at that point whoever failed the Kaplan exam will automatically fail the class. I prayed, took my exam, and aced the final with the second highest score in the class… Look at GOD🙌🏾🙏🏾! Honestly, If it wasn’t God and hard work, there’s now way that I could have made it. It’s sad to hear that almost half the class didn’t pass but I’m forever grateful that I was able to overcome this challenge and to move on to the next.

To all of you that are in school, some semesters or classes will be more challenging than expected but you can do it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it so be proud of yourself for making it this far. When it gets tough, take a moment to let it all out then wipe the tears and go harder. Try to use different methods to study, YouTube has great teaching videos that helped me, give it your all and you shall succeed.

I will be going on a much needed vacation this week and will come back for OB/newborn which should be interesting, so I’m looking forward to that.

Enjoy your summer break and stay blessed!


Magdah 💋