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Hey Loves

For those of you who didn’t already know, I was born and raised in Haiti located on the beautiful island of Hispaniola with Dominican Republic on the east. I haven’t been home in over a decade, therefore, I was looking forward to enjoying everything that I know my country has to offer on this trip.


 One of the things that I couldn’t wait to do was indulging in some of my favorite Haitian dishes. On day 2, I went to purchase shore excursions for when we get to Haiti the next day. Well, I was very disappointed when I was told that Labadee is leased to the cruise line and they don’t allow outside vendors to come to the island, therefore it’s nearly impossible to get Haitian food. The morning we arrived on the island we spoke to a few Haitians who work for Royal and live in Haiti. We told them how bad we wanted some food and they were kind enough to get us some since they had access in and out of the port. From what we were told, passengers were not allowed to leave the island and explore other areas for safety reasons which I understand. BUT I still feel like Royal Caribbean should think about opening a restaurant so people like myself can enjoy delicious Haitian Cuisine on the island.



IMG_2950I was very happy to be home. The scenery was breathtaking. The mountains, the fresh air, the beautiful clear ocean, the musicians and the dancers welcoming us at the port was just amazing. I got to sleep under the coconut trees next to the oceans and spent the rest of the day in the water.


There’s no place like home, can’t wait to go back soon for more adventure!

Until next time