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Wah Gwan,

After leaving Haiti, we went to Falmouth, Jamaica located west of Haiti and south of Cuba. The island’s vibe reminded me of Haiti, the port was beautiful with many trees and fresh air. There were many vendors selling souvenirs, drinks, excursions, and much more.

IMG_3123We weren’t sure of what we wanted to do so we waited to buy excursions at the port. The popular Dunn’s river fall was one of the many options but because of timing issues, we decided to go to a beach called Red Stripe. The beach wasn’t the nicest because it was so windy and the sand kept getting all over. I got a massage at the beach which was very relaxing. We captured many memories, ate jerk chicken, and had rum punch and red stripe beers. We met a few locals who were selling that Jamaican “Herb” at the beach, we chatted with them and learned so much more about the island. Overall, I really enjoyed my time there, the people were very nice and made the day even better.

The day in Jamaica ended with some oxtail, jerk chicken, fried dumplings, sweet plantains, and rice and beans for dinner on the ship. I was very impressed because the food was bomb. It was a fun but long day, I was so exhausted after everything and by 8PM I was knocked out. img_3731
Jamaica, I will be back!

Until next time