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Hey loves,

Our last stop was in Mexico located in North America and bordered by the U.S to the north. Many cruise ships go to the port of Cozumel which is famed for scuba diving.Β 

I had so much fun there because I got to do something that I’ve always wanted to do which was SNORKELING!First, let me start by saying that I don’t like the ocean because I don’t like the salt water and because I don’t know how to swim. My goal is to learn, hopeful I can accomplish that by next summer. Like I mentioned in my previous posts we waited until we got to the ports to buy any excursions. When we arrived at Cozumel, they were selling snorkeling tours in bottom glass boats, but I wasn’t too excited about that. We decided to take a taxi to downtown to explore the island, and that’s when we found a gentleman who was selling tickets for one of the private beaches. We were told that we could go kayaking, snorkeling, get drinks and food there, so that’s where we went for the day.

The beach was small but like we were told there was a lot to do. I immediately went to inquire about snorkeling and told the person in charge that I would like to do it but can’t swim. He was a snorkeling/scuba diving instructor, he gave us life vests, snorkels, fins, and masks and told us to wait for basic instructions. He then decided to just go in the water with a photographer and us for a private session. I started freaking out when I looked down in the ocean and saw how deep we were. I was thinking if this man leaves us in the water there’s no way out of there, and that’s just not how I would like to make my exit lol. My boyfriend and the instructor calmed my nerves, but I refused to let go of the ring buoy. The instructor was very patient and professional. After I calmed down I got to enjoy the experience. The view was beautiful, and we got to see many different sea animals like scorpion fish, conch, lobster, crabs, brain coral, stingray, which were amazing!!! We were even more impressed because we were going to pay a lot of money for bottom glass snorkeling with a group of people but ended having a better experience with an instructor who only did it for tips. He stayed in the water with us for as long as we wanted and taught us the basics of snorkeling. We had such a great time, and that definitely was the highlight of my trip.Β 

Now I can check snorkeling off my bucket list and sky diving may just be my next adventure!

Until next time,