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Hey loves,

I know it’s been forever, but graduation is getting closer and closer, so I need to stay focus and finish strong. I have one semester after this one then I can walk across that stage. Last term I took OB and that was a course that I was looking forward to since I started the program.

ob-nurseOur clinical rotation for OB was different from medsurg and adult health because the sites have limited spots considering the number of school in the area. We usually get 8 rotations since each term has 8 weeks but for OB we only had 4. My clinical rotation was everything I expected and more. I currently work in the NICU so I knew that I would enjoy anything baby related. Although we didn’t get as many rotations, the clinical instructor made sure that we get to rotate in triage, labor & delivery, postpartum, and the newborn nursery.

Our clinical rotations are 12 hours, I usually get tired midway through the shift, but with OB there were was so much going on that I didn’t mind being there for that long. I enjoyed every single rotation and it’s safe to say that OB is my absolute favorite. Even though I like working with children, I actually wouldn’t mind being an OB nurse. I learned something new on every rotation, and that experience gave me a whole new perspective on maternal health.

I love that nursing gives you so many career choices, and as a nurse, you will always find something in the field that you like. I’m glad that I decided to go back to school and get a second degree in nursing. It’s been challenging, but I have goals, and the obstacles can’t stop me from reaching my destination… If anything they’ve made me stronger.

Until next time,