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Hey lovelies,

Feels like forever but I’m officially on winter break and wanted to catch up with you all. This post is a short one, just a nursing school update. However, I do plan to post again next week about everything that happened this year since it’s almost over.

I must be honest. This journey has been S T R E S S F U L!!!! This accelerated BSN program requires a lot of time, sacrifice, and dedication. The past few months have been the worst because I was juggling 19 credits, work, and everything else in between. Some days I get depressed, some days I have major breakdowns, but most days I refuse to give up.

Through it all, my faith has kept me strong. My classmates would sometimes ask how I stay positive, and I simply reply “It’s all God.” I honestly feel like I wasn’t alone and God has always been with me no matter what. I also turn to my therapy also known as music. A good worship truly lifts up my spirit. My playlist for the semester consisted of anything by Travis Greene, Donnie McClurkin, Tasha Cobbs, Antony Brown, Todd Dulaney, Brian Courtney, and Hillsong to name a few. My struggles always strengthen my faith and bring me closer to God.

If you’re a student and anyone who’s going through something. Remember there’s a God above, get on your knees and call on Him.

Until next time,