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Hey loves,

This post is a quick one to remind you guys that I have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I started youtube about a year ago and I post about lifestyle (beauty, health/cooking, nursing). The channel is pretty much a video version of my blog posts. I would appreciate it if you guys can stop by and show me some love there.

Click HERE to go to the channel!!

Please comment in one of the videos to let me know that this post sent you lol! Also, I wanted to let you all know first about my upcoming giveaway, so yes this is exclusive and you get to know about it here first because you all have been with me since day one. I will be announcing a giveaway once I reach 1500 subbies on the channel. I will be giving away Sephora and target gift cards so that you may be able to participate wherever you reside.

The rules will be very simple and will be posted under my upcoming video. You don’t want to miss the announcement so please subscribe and hit the bell for notifications. Also I would like to know what you guys want to see from me. Please leave me suggestions under this post or my latest video on the channel.

Thank you all again for your support.

Until next time